Your dedication runs deep. And it fuels everything we do. To protect and support cattle and those who care for them. We are born of the bond.


Your dedication is our inspiration. our inspiration

By the time I was 10 or 11 years old, I knew this was what I wanted to do.

John, Iowa
seedstock producer

It helps having a team. We all have a strength that makes our future possible.

Brittany, Wisconsin
dairy farmer

There's a story behind every bond. What's yours?

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We are humankind for cattlekind. for cattlekind

We strive to strengthen the bonds you have with your herd, the businesses and the communities we live and work in.

C is for Care

Zoetis teamed up with author Amanda Radke and illustrator Michelle Weber to create "C is for Care", a book for kids that explores the ABCs of farm life.

Learn More

Crafts for Kids

The bond is born at an early age. Fun and easy for kids of all ages, these coloring and craft projects are available to download.

Coloring Page

Headband Activity

A love letter to the dairy industry

To celebrate the dairy industry, the Zoetis Dear Dairy program invited farmers to write love letters and vote for their favorites. These letters showcased the resolve dairy producers have for their cows and their farms, even in the face of adversity. For every letter and vote, we donated $5 to The Great American Milk Drive, which resulted in a $5,000 donation to the organization.

Filling the fridges of our communities

When it comes to food banks, dairy and meat products are often the least donated and most difficult to preserve due to lack of cold-storage options. That's why Zoetis donated $50,000 to The Dairy Alliance and Midwest Dairy to help purchase 17 cold-storage units for food banks across the country. Beyond the units themselves, our goal is to keep those fridges filled with food products that come from the hard work of dairy and beef producers. Our colleagues, customers and industry allies are all stepping up to donate and volunteer time to ensure their communities are getting the resources they need. If you'd like to help, contact your local food bank and ask about donating dairy and beef products.

Supporting the next generation

To ensure the health of our industry, we need to support those who protect the health of our animals. Through the Zoetis Commitment to Veterinarians platform, we provide support for leadership and diversity for future generations of veterinarians. Throughout the years, the scholarship program has awarded $7.3 million to help offset educational expenses for more than 3,600 students.

We are the modern answer to an ancient promise. ancient promise

At Zoetis, we work to help make the bond between you and your cattle healthier, more productive and more robust. Our portfolio of products and programs helps deliver solutions for every production stage and every management area on your farm. This is what defines us.

Building Healthy Herds

Our simplified approach to herd health guides you to create a customized plan for your cattle. It's one more way you can help keep them healthy and productive.

Build My Plan

Performance Livestock Analytics

Through our innovative cattle management software Performance Beef, we simplify data-capture and provide real-time insights for better cattle management. From feeding to financials, we want to help you improve the health, efficiency and profitability of your livestock operation.

Find Efficiencies

BRD Solutions

We deliver expertise, management tools and product solutions all designed to help you fight against a complex disease that costs the industry more than $1 billion annually.1,2

Manage BRD